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About was formed by Social Connections Network LLC. as a way to get couples to find others to socialize with and expand their circles of friends, aquaintenances, and even business partners. With the explosion over the past decade of dating sites for singles, and then the subsequent growth of the various networks like Facebook, MySpace, and others; it was discovered that there was really no place dedicated to the social circles for couples.


Architect of the site, Richard Meyers, took on the project of creating a place where couples can interface with each other and easily find common grounds to expand their social lives. This was all brought about when a group of friends  decided that there was a huge hole in finding other couples that others could enjoy fun times with. The question of "Exactly WHERE does one go to meet other couples to invite over to play cards, go to dinner, or maybe to a play or movie?" His vision was to create a site where it would be easy to find others with like interests to communicate, meet, and enjoy leisure activities.


But the biggest hurdle was to overcome the perception that "couples" websites were always viewed as having sexual overtones. This is definitley not in the plan, and therefore Richard Meyers began to design and implement a site where this was not only kept as "family-friendly", but also prevented it from becoming such.


"After discussing the opportunities and discovering this vision, I saw the true challenge ahead. Not only did I have to create a site that would encompass all things pertinent to couples, but also keep it clean and free of trash that is so peritnent in other adult-themed couples websites" stated Richard. "I took this vision and decided to expand on why people would like to find others... and then give them not only resources to find other couples, but also find avenues of entertainment, travel, and even services that a couple might need." he added. " What if a couple just moved into an area, or is thinking of relocating? They would like to meet others local, but also find places to live, businesses to serve them, and also entertainment and places to shop."


The biggest part of the website dream was to get people from behind their keyboards and meet face-to-face. Richard realized this and integrated ways to have people create and participate in events which would give them the opportuinty to meet others. Create mysocialmatch events nationwide, and also align and alow people who are setting up events to advertise them on the website. Now people have a choice of where to go, what to do, and who they would like to meet. Not as much matchmaking, as it is taking the dynamics of human personality and chemistry and throwing out the premise that a computer program can find you a match, as found on so many dating sites.


So was derived from one person's vision of finding others to socialize with, and another person's desire to make an all-encompassing website which covers ALL areas that somone will find useful.