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Explanation of the Different Site Features
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Easy Guide to Using The Website

Many new members are logging into and seeing a website not only full-featured, but also containing a wealth of tools  which can be confusing. So to ease the confusion and make things simpler, we have constructed this guide to explain each feature on the mysocialmatch website.  Each of the features were designed to maximize your ability to reach out and meet other people. We do not load the site up with games and entertainment programs. We firmly believe that getting people face to face is the key, so sitting in front of the computer is one thing we try and get you to forget.


Simple Messenger - similiar to IM programs like AOL, Yahoo IM, and MSN Messenger, it enables real time chat between 2 online users. If a user is online, you can see the GREEN icon in the upper left of thier picture.

Shoutbox - just a simple shout out to the entire site which only shows on the front page of the website.

Feedback - Enables you to give feedback and contact site administrators immediately.

Blogs - Each profile is enabled with a blogging feature which is similiar to a personal diary of sorts. Each entry can be tagged as visible by public, just friends, or any other group you have set your contact into. You have complete control over who sees what on your profile.

Chat - A full fledged chat room application is featured on Couples2Connect where people can join discussions in chatrooms already setup, or they can create their own.


The Groups feature enables users to create special discussion groups based upon a topic, lifestyle, hobby, sport or other interest. The creator of the group is the moderator and can invite members to join, create events for the group to attend, and moderate postings made within the group. This is an excellent tool to get to meet people and attend social events.


The events section in the website is the key to meeting other people and making new friends. There are events made by the website and sponsored by mysocialmatch, there are postings of events (sporting events, concerts, public events, festivals, etc..) which are suggested or recommended by other members and organizations. There are also events created within the groups section that are specific to a group topic or membership.

Articles and News

The articles and news sections of the website feature information on public interest topics, as well as important informational elements for members regarding the website.

World Map

The World Map feature will be integrated into the site to have a graphical representation (using Google Maps) of events, member's location, and other geographically related info on

Pictures and Graphics

The site is enabled with many graphical elements from the profile to the public areas. First is the pictures feature which enables members to upload pictures into albums on their profile and group them into albums. The albums can be restricted as to who can see them by the creator. There are also upload pictures features for the public photo albums, groups, events, and most other sections of the website.


The mysocialmatch website also has a POLLS section which will allow interactive feedback on a wide variety of topics. You can only vote once, and results are instantaneous. The ability to create polls is a feature available to VIP members only.


The Ads section of the website will feature a marketplace just like classified ads in the newspaper or Craigslist. This feature is available to all, but to post an ad, you must be a VIP member.