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How to use the Groups Feature on mysocialmatch

The Groups feature on mysocialmatch is the most powerful tool to find others who share the same interests, hobbies, and activities.


A groups section gives you the ability to create a section (group) that is of interest to you, and then start inviting others to join your group. Inside the group you can create topics of discussion, upload and share photos, rate postings, and comment other's postings, and also create events for people to meet.


A Standard member can visit the groups, participate in the discussions, upload pictures, and view events on the calendar, as well as vote on topics, rate postings, and add comments.


A VIP member can do all of the above, but can also create groups, send out invitations to members to join, create events, moderate the groups they create, and also promote the group.


You can go to the Groups section by going to the Site Menu, and selecting GROUPS, and then Groups Home. here is the nerve center of everything happening in the groups section. You can browse groups which are Most Recent, Hottest , Most Popular, Highest Rated, Most Visited, and Highlighted. You can also (with VIP membership) select the ADD GROUP button to create your own group.


Other features of the Groups section include TAGS (where you can get an updated list of keywords linked to ALL groups), CATEGORIES (where you can drill down and browse groups in many categories), CALENDAR (an interactive calendar showing all events going on within the Groups section), and SEARCH.


When you create a group, the moderator (creator) can upload pictures and create the launch page which is the nerve center of the group. This is an easy process and requires no computer knowledge.... just the ability to type like you were using Microsoft Word.


When you join a group, the following things happen:

  1. You click on BECOME A FAN button to join.
  2. You can click on the Forum link to enter into the Group's discussion topics to create your own or to join in an existing one
  3. Click on the Fans link to see all the other people who are members
  4. Click on the Invite link to invite other friends who are members

So take a good look at the GROUPS section of, and find all kinds of topics, interests, and like minded people to mix and mingle with!